Our General Practitioners

Our General Practitioners are highly experienced and well recognised professionals, in the areas of Child Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Childhood Immunisations, Geriatric medicine, Emergency medicine, and Asthma & Allergies. Dr. Kumari Obeyesekera and Dr. Modur are some of our best Doctors in the team of Hills Doctors, who contribute their valuable services from morning to night. 


All consultations with a GP will be bulk billed if you have a Medicare card. Please bring your Medicare card for all consultations.

A fee will be charged for patients not registered with Medicare, and for consultations not covered by the Medicare Benefits Schedule. Please ask the receptionist prior to the consultation.

Iif your visit is as a result of a work related injury, you need to inform the attending doctor. Work related consultations and treatment will be billed to the employer or the insurance company involved.